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Lessons for "Saturday Night Alive"

Acceptance-“Radical Inclusivity”          

Last month I learned that God created me to live together as brothers and sisters in community under Him.  He made this possible through faith in Jesus.  When I admit my sin and selfishness, b________________ that Jesus died on the cross as full payment for my sin, and choose Jesus as Savior and Lord of my life, I become a member of God’s family.  I have brothers and sisters all over the world who are fellow believers and part of God’s Church.  The Bible tells me to do four things together in community (Acts 2:42) with my brothers and sistersWe do these at Haven Universe: 

  1. Fellowship-(love & serve each other)
  2. e______
  3. pray
  4. l__________ (from the Bible)         Song:  “He Reigns-Live” – News Boys



God created me, loves me, and a_____________ me just as I am no matter what I do.  What I choose to do always brings consequences.  However, there is nothing I can do to earn or lose God’s love.  He wants a____ of his people to have a special friendship with Him (BFF) through faith in J__________, his sacrifice on the cross, and his resurrection from the grave.  He is alive, and we can live forever with Him when we a,b,c.  It doesn’t matter what I have done or not done.  He loves me unconditionally and wants to grow my special friendship with Him through f__________.  I start my relationship with God when I a,b,c, but to grow my friendship with God I must give up (surrender) what I want and choose to follow Him every day as my Lord (#1-most important in my life).  I need to spend time in p______ (talking & listening to God) and reading his Word, the B_____________ so that He can teach me His ways.  My heart and my mind need to stay focused on Jesus so my faith will mature, and I will experience all that God has for me on this earth.     

Song: “Graves Into Gardens” – Elevation Worship


Just as God accepts me as I am, I must love and _______________ other people as they are, even though they are different from me.  “Accept one another, then, just as Christ accepted you, in order to bring praise to God.” (Rom. 15:7) 


But there are some people that are hard for me to accept.  They might be annoying or mean or do bad things.  How should I treat them?  I must l_______ & accept them no matter what just like J_________ does (unconditionally).  The Bible says, “…God does not show favoritism but accepts men from every nation…” (Acts 10:34-35)   And God accepts me in this same un___________________ way.  At Haven Universe, all people are welcome and accepted too. 

Song: “Your Love is Unconditional” -  Christ for the Nations Worship


PrayerLet’s thank God for loving & accepting me just as I am.  Please help me love & accept others through the power of the Holy Spirit, even people who are hard to love.  Help me to always be thankful for all you have given me.  Thank you most of all for your grace, sending your only Son Jesus to save me and live in me.  Help me to practice “thanks-giving” all year around, not just in November. 





CHALLENGELet’s continue to grow our special friendship with God and our HU community by asking God to help us love & accept everyone even when it’s hard to do. 

Dec. 10th- Come join our “zoom” Christmas Special!  (details to follow)

“SNA” Dec. 18th- Invite a friend to celebrate Christmas and our one, true HOPE!! 


Memory Verse

“Accept one another, then, just as Christ accepted you, in order to bring praise to God.” (Rom. 15:7) 


    List 5 things you are THANKFUl for: