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Lessons for Bible Study!

Life’s 3 Big Questions:


#1-Why am I alive?   

Let’s ask the One who made me.  ________ made me.  HE is my C____________.  I can make things too.  Let’s create something now.   (play-doh)  What did you make?
My Creator God tells me in His Word, the B________ why He made me.   

GOD made me to l_________ & take care of me. The Bible                                                               says, “GOD is L-O-V-E” (1John 4:8) and “We are the focus of His love” (Eph. 1:4 MSG).  He wants to love me, and He wants me to love & depend on Him (D.O.G.) for everything.                       .    


But what is love?  Love is an action word not a feeling.  1Cor.13 says love

is patient, k_____, cares for others more than _______, and is                                         sacrificial (giving up for someone else).


Do you love anyone like that?  That’s how God loves.  And remember:  I am alive for God to love me like that.


#2-Does my life matter? 

I matter a lot to God.  GOD made me s___________ just  the way He wanted me to be.  And did you know that GOD never makes mistakes? He can’t because                               HE is perfect!  HE even made me to live forever with Him in heaven.  That’s a very long time especially compared to our short time on earth.                                                                                                                                                                                        

Let’s think about it.  When is your birthday?  How old are you?  Compare the time of life on earth to forever life in heaven which goes on and on.  I must matter very much to God, who loves me and wants me to live forever with HIM.

In fact, He even wants to be my very best f_________ forever (BFF) starting right here on earth right now! 

Would you like JESUS to be your BFF? _____________


Remember: My whole life matters very much to God including my time on earth and my life in heaven which lasts forever!  Heaven is a good & happy place, and it’s where I will see God face to face and time will never end.   

But there’s only one way for Jesus to be my BFF and to have forever life with Jesus in heaven.  I must a___________ my sin & selfishness, b___________ Jesus died on the cross to save me, & c____________ to let Jesus be my SAVIOR and LORD (#1 Leader) (Rom.10:9) Then I can have new life in and with Jesus forever starting right now.

Who will be my Lord?  Will I follow JESUS or myself?  I really matter to God so I must choose wisely.



 #3-What is my purpose?? 

Colossians 1:16 says, “For everything, absolutely everything, above and below, visible and invisible…everything got started in Him (God) and finds its purpose in Him.”  This means my purpose comes from G____ not from me.  And this is God’s big message for today.  Let’s say it together:

   “It’s not about me.  It’s all about GOD.” (tell your neighbor)


So what is God’s purpose for my life? The Bible says GOD wants me to do #5 things while I live on earth before I go to live with Him forever in heaven:

   1-Worship & love GOD

  2-Love other people

  3-Become more like JESUS

  4-Help/serve other people

  5-Tell other people about JESUS

We will be learning more about these #5 purposes in the next five weeks.

Prayer Challenge:   This week everywhere you go, pray & ask GOD to help you remember His message.  Practice saying it out loud at home and with your family. 
      Life is not about____; Life is all about______!  


Activity Challenge:   

Daily review this lesson with your family & practice putting God and other people 1st before yourself.  Write down the ways you do this to share next week with the group.  (ex: Obey mom/dad & do your chores even if you don’t want to; let your brother/sister go “first” even though you want to go first; be sacrificial & share a desired item with someone)