Medical Mission Honduras

Medical Missions

Haven Universe and Honduran volunteers work together to provide much needed medical care to many without access to doctors and medicine.                                            The team holds “medical brigades” in geographic  areas of need determined by local Honduran leaders.  Volunteers include doctors, nurses, technicians,                                and many other helping servants with “big hearts.”  The team evaluates and treats illnesses of all types including infectious diseases, gastrointestinal                              disturbances, skin conditions, etc.  Haven Universe provides all care and medications without cost to those in need.  Mission medications are obtained                           through Haven Universe donations with the help of global mission-oriented nonprofit  organizations such as Americares and MAP International.  


 Since 2010 Haven Universe has provided ongoing psychiatric care and medication for Honduran child and adult patients.  Patients and their families  are seen several times each year and much needed medications provided.  In between visits, a team of a local Honduran doctor, pharmacist and pastor are available to patients to communicate needs and concerns as they arise to our HU psychiatric professional.  Key to the success of this ongoing medical  work has been the therapeutic relationship developed between patients and our care team.  A sense of community, acceptance and hope is experienced in a unique way.