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Welcome to Haven Universe

Our desire is to offer a community of acceptance and hope to all by sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ in a loving, accepting, joy-filled community serving those with special needs and disabilities including families, caregivers and friends.



Haven Universe is a unique, all-inclusive, relationship based, fun, high energy, community experience that has been many years in the making. For 17 years our family was blessed by the extremely diverse, radically inclusive Haven community at the Damascus Road Community Church (DRCC). CT and Edie (parents), Chip, Zak and Kelly (kids) have each been an integral part of the Haven. Our initial intention was to find a church where each family member had an opportunity to learn about God, grow in relationship with Him and learn how He could produce joy, meaning, and purpose for each of us. It was important to us that our then ten year old, very challenging autistic son, Zak, would be included. From the beginning days in the Haven, God showed us that “worshiping” together as a family along with other families in a very “out of the box” way more than fulfilled our expectations. We have learned that God creates every individual with a unique role in His community, the church, and we all have things to learn from Him and to teach each other. We are convinced that we are all equal in God’s sight and that every single individual is a unique and valuable part of the Haven community. We feel that in God’s eyes, there are no people with special needs. Instead, we are all His special people with needs. We have come to recognize that some of our most valuable spiritual lessons such as simplicity, dependency, and complete trust are taught by our “lowest functioning” teachers. We have recognized great value from including people of all ages in our worship community (the Haven). Haven Universe became a celebrated reality on September 11, 2010.

What we believe

It is our desire to create disciple making communities. We do this through reaching people, teaching them to love and serve Jesus, and sending them to reach, teach, and send others.

Who to Expect

We are men, women, children, plumbers, electricians, doctors, businessmen and women, students, teachers, motorcycle riders, athletes, artists, young, and old, but most of all we are family.

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