What Does Haven Universe Do?

Haven Universe volunteers desire to reach out to love and serve our local community of special needs individuals of all ages, their families, caregivers and friends in three ways: first, through large group Saturday Night Alive (SNA) events; second, through small group Bible studies , and third, through community social events.


At SNA we strive to create a loving, accepting, joy-filled community where all are welcome.  We meet in the gymnasium and cafeteria of a local school where we play adaptive sports and games, dance, do arts and crafts, have an optional multimedia simple Bible teaching, pray, and share a pizza snack.   Each event is its own brand of fun and inspiration for the whole family.  SNA is a place where individuals and families can grow closer to God and to each other. 

HU Bible Study

Five- to six-week short-term Bible studies for the entire family provide an opportunity to learn from God’s word in a deeper way.  These events are filled with fun, music, prayer and  encouragement as we learn together how to apply God’s word to our everyday lives and experience God’s offer of abundant eternal life in community.  In this small group setting we learn most intimately of our only true hope in this life, an everlasting personal  relationship with heavenly Father, His Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. 

HU Social Events

Haven Universe regularly sponsors community “social” events for individuals with disabilities, their families, caregivers and friends.  The purpose is to meet new friends, get to know each other better, and have fun together.  These events vary widely from the InterFaith 5K Race for Charity, to hikes, ballgames, bowling, movie nights, picnic, etc. The social events are a great initial step towards sharing our faith through love and acceptance.

Mission Honduras

Several times each year Haven Universe volunteers reach out in love to help people in need in both urban and rural areas of Honduras, Central America.  We have been doing this since Haven Universe’s inception in 2010.  We share God’s love through encouragement and prayer with the Honduran people, provide medical and psychiatric care, and help with practical needs including food, household items and construction projects.  Our psychiatric clinic in Honduras follows over 100 patients, visiting with them and providing psychotropic medication as needed.  In addition, we support a unique school for special needs children in a rural Honduran town through our finances, professional consultation, and hands-on volunteering.  Those served include people of all ages, faith backgrounds, and many types of disabilities.  We work with orphans, widows, and families teamed up with other American and Honduran non-profit organizations and many local Honduran volunteers. 

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