"Saturday Night Alive”

HAVEN:  a safe, desired place    

Where do you feel safe? (circle)

home school bedroom friend’s house church   __________(other)

Who helps you feel safe? (circle)

Mom Dad brother   sister  friend   neighbor  GOD    teacher ________(other)


God wants to keep you safe. The Bible says… “they cried out to the Lord in their trouble…and He guided them to their desired haven…give thanks to the Lord…” (Psalm 107:28-31)  But who is God?   God is the One who made the world-Creator.  He made me.  He made my family.  Who is in your family? _________________________ 

God loves me and my family. He loves everyone.  He wants to be my best friend and my safe h___________. At HU I will learn how to begin & grow my special friendship with God.


UNIVERSE: unity (oneness) in God’s diverse creation

God made everything; the whole w___________. He made us in His image but all very different (diverse).  God made me s_____________ and loves me just as I am.  He wants me to love HIM and other p___________ (John 13:34). God wants all His people to accept each other in l________ as one community under Him.  He wants us all to be one big f_________.  The Bible says, “There is one body & one Spirit…one hope…                                  one faith…one God and Father of all…”  (Eph 4:4-6)  


Haven Universe is a loving, accepting community that

welcomes everyone.



Table Prayer: God wants his family to talk with Him. Prayer is talking & listening to God.  Who do you want to pray for today? _________________________________     Let’s talk to God together.  (pray for the needs @ your table now)




Next “SNA” Oct. 21st. Let’s learn more about God & grow our HU family together!! Bring a friend; who will you bring?? ______________________________ 



Just for Fun at Home:    


Matching Game-draw a line to the correct answer:

      Universe                                                                              God’s Word

      God                                                                                       a safe, desired place                                                                                                                                                                                        

     Community                                                                         Creator of the world

      Unity                                                                                    “Different”

      Haven                                                                                   Unity in God’s diverse creation

      Bible                                                                                    the family of God

      Diverse                                                                                “Oneness”



Memory Verse:

Look up John 13:34 in the Bible and fill in the blanks.  Pray that God will help you learn and practice living His Word at home, school, work today.  Say this verse out loud every day until the next SNA (Oct 21st).

JESUS said, “A new command I give you: _________ one another.  As I have loved you, so you must __________ one ______________________.”  (John 13:34)