"Saturday Night Alive”


“Saturday Night Alive”                          November 10, 2018

Acceptance-“Radical Inclusivity”          

Last month I learned that God created me to live with others in community.  The Bible tells me to do four things together in community (Acts 2:42); we do these at Haven Universe: 

  1. f__________________
  2. e______
  3. p______
  4. learn (from the B___________)


God created me, l________ me, and accepts me just as I am no matter what I do.  I cannot earn or lose God’s l________.  He wants a___ of his people to have a special friendship with Him (BFF) through J___________.  It doesn’t matter what I have done or not done.  He still loves me and wants to grow my special friendship with Him through faith, admitting my _____ & selfishness, believing Jesus died to s________ me (John 1:12), and choosing Him as S________ & L_____ (Leader) of my life.  Becoming friends with God is as easy as ABC!


Just as God accepts me as I am, I must l______ and accept other people as they are, even though they are different from me.  Accept one another, then, just as Christ accepted you, in order to bring praise to God.” (Rom. 15:7) 


There are some people that are hard for me to accept.  They might be annoying or mean or do bad things.  How should I treat them?  I must l_______ & accept them no matter what just like J_________ does.  The Bible says, “…God does not show favoritism but accepts men from every nation…” (Acts 10:34-35)   And God accepts me in this same way.  At Haven Universe, all people are welcome and a_______________ too.


Table PrayerLet’s thank God for loving & accepting us.  Let’s ask Him to help us love & accept others through the power of the Holy Spirit.  Dear Jesus…

Let’s take time to thank God for other things too.  Having an attitude of gratitude will bring me peace and joy.

TAKE HOME THOUGHT”:  Jesus loves and accepts me just as I am, so I should love and accept all people as they are.

CHALLENGELet’s continue to grow ourselves and our HU community by asking God to help us accept & love everyone even when it’s hard to do. 

Memory Verses:  “Hide God’s Word in Your Heart”       

“…encourage one a___________ and build each other up…”  (1Thes 5:11)


 “They devoted themselves to the apostles’ t_________ and to the f___________, to the breaking of b______ and to p__________.” (Acts 2:42)


“Accept one another, then, just as Christ accepted you, in order to bring praise to God.” (Rom. 15:7)